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Columbus Mobile Chiropractic

We are pleased you took time to look into our Columbus Mobile Chiropractic!  We want everyone who wants and needs care to be able to receive it, even if they are not able to come in person. Through Columbus Mobile Chiropractic we can make that happen!  

The way it works is this, you call 614-569-4324 or submit an appointment request on our homepage to set up your first appointment.  The first appointments is about 1.5 hours long. This gives sufficient time for set-up, a consultation and exam, as well as provide some treatment. Every visit after that is 30-40 minutes long. A great benefit is that your care is conveniently delivered in the safe environment of your home or office without too much disruption to your day. While you may not have access to all of the different tables found in our office, most of the services offered in our stationary office at Riverview Chiropractic, can also be done on location.  You can still enjoy and have access to in depth muscle/soft tissue work, joint mobilization/manipulation, therapeutic/corrective care exercises, rehabilitation exercises and much more, all in the convenience of your own home. Call now to set-up your first appointment now!


What is the cost of this type of care? It varies based upon the distance from our stationery office plus the flat rate for the type of visit:

Flat rate for first visit: $90.00

Flat rate for all other visits: $60.00.

The cost of travel is determined by Google maps estimate of travel time from our stationary location (3518 Riverside Dr. Upper Arlington, OH 43221) to your address at the time of appointment with the following breakdown:

Minutes Away Additional Cost
5 $ 15
10 $ 20
15 $ 25
20 $ 30
25 $ 40
30 $ 50
45 $ 70



If you are a representative of a large corporation who wants to provide care for their employees on site at an affordable cost, then you’re in luck!  With Columbus Mobile Chiropractic we can provide the help you are looking for!

For a corporate solutions contract, you schedule by calling 614-569-4324 or submit an appointment request on our homepage.  The visit set up is differently than an individual appointment. Dr. Sanders will come on site to your business for an agreed length of time. There will be sign-up sheets with 10-15 minute time slots for the agreed length of time.  Employees of your company then have the opportunity to sign up for time slot available that day.

Treatments available in this type of care plan include:

Tissue work: Using hand and various instruments, we help repairing and heal the function of injured muscle, tendons, and ligaments. Also helping prevent injury by maintaining tissue that continues to function properly.

Manipulation: Using various techniques, the improvement of joint range of motion can give the employee the increased ability to perform repeated job functions without pain, problems, or stiffness that would otherwise would hinder their abilities, cause sick days or permanent injury.


Cost is determined by number of employees treated in the hours that day.  Consider the following breakdown:

Employees Treated/Day Hourly  Rate
0-15 $120
16-25 $140
26-35 $160
36-45 $190
46-60 $220
61+ $250


This a great solution to providing low cost employee care. It can save your company time and money.  Having employees on site to see their “Doctor” saves travel time, giving them more time to fulfill their work. In addition we can address problems associated with their individual jobs that may be causing pain, fatigue or minor injuries that could lead to time off the job, or the hassle of workmans compensation. It is a win/win solution for your employees too, as they are getting high quality care at a corporate discounted rate.

Call Riverview Chiropractic at 614-569-4324 to schedule your free corporate solutions program consultation!