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Meet the Doctor
An Upper Arlington, OH Chiropractor

Family Background:

Dr. Sanders was born and raised in Orem, UT, although his parents and their family all grew up in Wyoming. Dr. Sanders served a two year mission for his church in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was a pivotal step in his life. It helped him gain a better understanding and appreciation for his life and how he can better help other people.

After finishing his undergrad, he moved to St. Louis for Chiropractic school, by suggestion of his sister who was living there at the time. It was another wise move. That is where Dr. Sanders met his wife, Elizabeth. She is from there and was working at Washington University. They met at church (great place to meet someone, right?!) and the rest is history! Not long after getting married their family grew by one – a little boy who is the joy of their life. They hope to add to that joy while here in Ohio.

So you may wonder – how did a Western boy make his way all the way to Ohio? He sometimes wonders that himself, but does not regret the choice at all! He has quickly adapted to being an Ohioan!

Dr. Sanders is a member of the Ohio Chiropractic Association, Upper Arlington Chamber of Commerce and Cap City BNI chapter where he currently serves as president.

A Colubmus, OH Chiropractor with an Education:

After completing an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at Brigham Young University, Dr. Sanders packed up and moved to St. Louis, MO to attend Logan University. After an intense accelerated program Dr. Sanders graduated in 2013 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Masters of Science degree in Nutrition & Human Performance and an additional bachelor’s of science degree in Life Science. In December 2014 he completed an additional Master’s of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation. He has had additional training in active release technique and acupuncture. He will be able to offer acupuncture to his patients sometime 2016. So stay tuned.

Why a Columbus, OH Chiropractor?

Dr. Sanders did not always want to be a Columbus, OH chiropractor. In fact, before he knew what they did, he thought they were strange therapists of some kind. He originally wanted to go to medical school or physical therapy school. At one point some friends suggested that he look into Chiropractic, and he is so glad he did! After shadowing a doctor in Orem, UT he found out he had a spinal curve that was going the wrong direction. After receiving treatment, his neck stiffness went away, the backwards curve was restored and low the back pain that he had been suffering from off and on throughout his teenage and early adult life was gone! He realized that this doctor was helping people – without surgery or other invasive options. Patients were getting real results with just simple manipulations. He was instantly hooked. Dr. Sanders has continued to see the benefits of Chiropractic as he has treated patients throughout school, and in Columbus.