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How Much Will Chiropractic Treatments Cost Me
from a Columbus, OH Chiropractor?

A question that is important to most patients is, “How much is this going to cost me, and does my insurance cover it?” The answer to those questions is—it depends. It depends on the patient’s group policy specific benefits for chiropractic, their co-pay and deductible amount, how much of their deductible has been met, the doctor’s exam findings, and their specific treatment plan created from the exam findings.

In general, we do accept some insurance here at Riverview Chiropractic. We recognize that the insurance world is different than it used to be and finding affordable health plans is a challenge. So for those that don’t have or use insurance we provide a time of service discount. We have found that with this discount, the cost of an office visit is competitive to the out of pocket/co-pay expense that patients usually have to pay to any in network provider they choose.

We do make sure to find out, to the best of our ability, what the estimated cost would be with all possible cost scenarios. So each patient is provided with as much information needed to make the best decision for them and their pocket book. This cost scenario is given to the patient usually during the second visit. This allows time to create an effective treatment plan based off of exam findings and the cost of that treatment plan once the patient’s insurance benefits have been verified.

However, there are some people that need to see numbers so they can plan ahead and we understand that. So keeping in mind with the above mentioned explanation, here are the following estimates:

Using Insurance: Co-pay/patient responsibility costs per an average visit ranges between $20-$60 for chiropractic care.
Time of Service Price at our office: Ranges from $30-$50 dollars a visit on average.
Any other costs questions feel free to make an appointment for a FREE consultation at our office where we can answer more of those questions.